::BK Planning Strategies


Bruce Kaniewski
  • Municipal Planning
  • Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning
  • Zoning and Municipal Codes

BK Planning Strategies, LLC was formed in 2010 to assist the community development of growing municipalities in Wisconsin and Illinois. Mr. Bruce Kaniewski, AICP, has been a regional, city, village and town planner directly as a consultant and as a staff planner.

Bruce strives to keep the best interests of the community in the forefront of his planning strategies through balanced sustainability of quality homes, jobs and surroundings. He does this through making sure current community needs are met while understanding how today’s decisions impact tomorrow’s community growth.

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  • Site Plan and Subdivision Review
  • Developer Negotiations
  • Neighborhood and Corridor Planning
  • Comprehensive and Land Use Planning
  • Downtown and Infill Development Strategies
  • Economic Development
  • Park and Open Space Policies and Planning
  • Zoning, Subdivision and Urban Design Standards
  • Zoning Administration
  • Development Agreements